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"The NEO-Bank of the Country"

Neofam is a Neobanking Platform that combines multiple Banking instruments like Savings accounts, Prepaid Wallets, UPI, Bill pay services etc. and links them securely to provide the most customised and convenient financial tool to the average Indian family.

India is a Middle-class majority Country

Rural Economy

India has a huge gap between the financial access available to the Urban population vs the rest of the country. Banking in general is focused at catering the privileged few.

Rural Economy

Trapeza bridges this gap using innovative products designed for the MASSES.


The only savings known to most are in the form of gold or money in kitchen pots. No connection to organised savings instruments and so no interest is earned on money saved.


Trapeza pushes and nudges the segment to save small amounts and collectively invests in regulated savings schemes. Thus earning anything between 7-14% interest.

Access to Credit

This segment often end up with higher interest on credit due to the lack of proof of paying mechanisms. Traditional banks ignore this sector due to the lack of financial scores or data.

Access to Credit

Trapeza strives to create financial data with various scehemes and using the large Trapeza agent network, thus enabling lending to this segment at market rates.

Our Solution

Introduction of vernacular and voice search/recognition.

Trapeza targets factories and their workers who are on cash mode.

Need of transferring of the funds for the urban poor and migrant labourers to their family members staying at their native places. They should be provided with the solution of convenient fund transfer and ease of access to anyone.

There are many companies providing digital platforms for online banking, but Trapeza stands out by focusing on specific target groups which are migrant laborers, urban poor, and farmers.

Currently banks need to scale-up IT Investments from 2% to 8-10% of their top line for effective management of growing digital transactions, say experts.

Investments should be made to ensure shifting applications to the cloud, hardware upgrades and payments system upgrades.

Product Offerings

Savings Bank Account

Low Minimum Balance

Wallet Linked

Prepaid Card Cash Withdrawal

Gold Savings

UPI Integrated

Bharat Bill Pay

Payment Gateway

Credit Facility

Online Account Opening